Summary of Learning

I can’t believe it’s already time to share my summary of learning. This semester has gone so fast and I have really taken in a lot of information in a short period of time. I really enjoyed the debate structure of the class. I found comparing both sides of every issue challenged my own thinking and I learned a lot. I feel much more confident and comfortable with talking to my students about digital citizenship and I appreciate the resources shared in class.

Aside from my take aways from each class, that I describe in the video, I also enjoyed getting back into blogging. It was a challenge at first to switch from academic writing to a blog style of writing, but it was also an invited change. I had blogged before in my undergrad many years ago so it wasn’t too difficult to find my way back into it with only a few “forgot my password”  and googling “how to” moments needed. (Hope I wasn’t the only one!)

Some Key Points of Learning Include:
– The value of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things
– The importance of critical thinking, considering alternate viewpoints and researching the other side. The debates were powerful enough to change my thinking and that’s when the most personal learning occurred.
-Technology is merely a tool. A powerful tool. It’s up to the people using it to make good decisions. It’s easy to blame technology for cyberbullying, unhealthy gaming habits, inequality,  and ruining ones childhood however these issues are much more complex and boil down to how tech is being used.
– Before now, I had never learned about the SAMR model. This caused me to reflect on my own use of technology in the classroom and strive towards designing lessons that reach the transformation stages.
– This leads to reflecting on how tech is used in the classroom and whether or not it has the potential to create equity in the world. Technology can benefit many students, especially those who require assisstive technology. However, placing computers in the hands of everyone in the world will not demolish social hierarchies. Education and training regarding the use of tech is essential.
– The importance of learning about digital citizenship and teaching students about their digital footprints.
– Reflecting on the critical partners we have the school level and whether or not their serving students in the way the relationship was intended to.
– Technology is about balance. This is a reoccurring theme each week. Although it sounds enjoyable to shut everything off for a day or a weekend and completely disconnect, it harder to do than it sounds. I feel more stressed out being disconnected from technology – personally causing more stress and anxiety wondering if anyone is trying to get a hold of me for emergency type situations although it is unlikely the fear of the unknown still exists. I think I’m completely capable of creating a balanced lifestyle while co-existing with technology without going overboard. After all if it’s part of our everyday life, we should learn how to co-exist with it without the need to completely abandon it for an extended period of time.

I chose to use Emaze to complete my project. I had never used it before but just wanted to try something new.  Although it was a bit of a learning curve figuring out a new program it was user friendly (with only a few speed bumps) and I would recommend it to others for future projects. I hope you enjoy my summary of Learning!|MigiznbiouvkivTlxdzanavoikljmtAoilyzvwTqhipxTdxuzE|0nukPowered by emaze

Best of luck in your future classes and I hope everyone has a fabulous summer!


3 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Excellent Summary of Learning Tayler. I hadn’t heard of Emaze before your project. I really liked the headline format and felt it worked very well in helping you summarize your key learnings. Great job.


  2. Erin Benjamin

    I found myself saying, “Yes! Yes!” throughout your summary. I think you’ve highlighted some very strong key learnings from this semester. I also had never heard of Emaze before but I love the layout. Your summary was so well organized and you communicated your points very clearly! Well done!


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